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Hypnosis for Childbirth

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Did you know..?

Your body knows how to give birth - you need do no more than allow it to happen...

  •  A study was done in South America on 17 comatose pregnant women. All had spontaneous births with no intervention and with no active involvement from the mother. The uterus is expulsive, with or without your help!
  • We need to feel calm and safe in order to give birth easily and naturally - anxiety can slow down or stop labour. For example if a horse feels

    •   threatened it can stop its labour until it feels safe once more!
      • Your baby also instinctively knows what it has to do. It moves around during labour, wriggling its head down through the birth canal and 'stepping away' from the top of the uterus!
      • The contractions of labour are important for the baby - the squeezing sends the message 'all systems go!', stimulating and preparing the child's system for the moment of birth.
      • The stress hormones released in the babies body are necessary - they help the baby breathe - by increasing the levels of surfactant that are secreted, this helps the newborn keep their lungs expanded. As it keeps the lungs open it helps the baby to clear amniotic fluid from his or her lungs. Stress hormones also help send more blood to the baby's brain,

        •   heart and kidneys, increasing energy supply to the baby. This is what
            keeps the baby satisfied until breast milk comes in. These hormones
            also facilitate bonding. Alertness in your newborn is directly related
            to these hormones. A more alert baby draws parents in and he or she is
            more responsive to parents and others. White blood cell numbers are
            also increased as the adrenal hormones are stimulated.
          • We know that anxiety can play a part in the baby being in the breech position at birth. This is bourne out by the fact that, whereas the figure for breech births worldwide is 4%, in war zones it leaps to 24%!

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